Friday, January 30, 2009

"Yes, and proud we are of all of them".

Hello Bif Bang Pow! readers and achievers of all shapes and sizes! Jason Lenzi here again, with some very exciting news that you (and I) have been waiting a long time to read: With new and improved images!

That's right, after nearly a year and a half of calls, paperwork, designs, hold ups, let downs, drinks, and heartburn, unveiled for the first time, are Donny, the Stranger and Jesus Quintana, in full regalia, over at the Entertainment Earth site, right now! They're crafted with the same loving care that went into our previous waves, and we think they'll look beeeutiful standing proudly next to Jeffrey and Walter (which you already have, right? Right??). From Donny's burger, to the Strangers bottle o' Sasparilla, to Jesus' handy ball cleaner, all of the details and accessories you know and love from the film are in place and ready to move into your office or home.

So, like mama always said, 'good things come to those who wait'. Thanks for being patient, we think you'll be proud as well.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

WIZARD's Next! List

Hey gang, Jason Lenzi here again, wishing you all a happy and healthy New Year (it's still ok to do that by the 14th, right?). Our pals over at WIZARD have gone and gotten us a surprise New Year's gift already, and we didn't get them anything! Not fair guys, we're embarrassed.

But not too embarrassed to share the good news with the rest of you! In the latest issue (# 208) of WIZARD, (THE pop culture bible, fans), they've put the on their super cool NEXT! list. Yep, the magazine lists our Urban Achiever Big Lebowski Wave 2 and 3 as must haves, and our boys are rubbing shoulders with some of the coolest cats in the zeitgeist: DC Heroes, Marvel Heroes, and half nekkid girls like Sinful Suzi. And why not? According to the WIZARD gang, the Dude and Walter "could see no better interpretation than these exaggerated figures". Had we said that ourselves, we would've seemed big headed, so thanks WIZARD!

So get out and buy the new issue of WIZARD so you can be up to date on all the coolest news that's fit to eat, and get over to and grab a set of two of the latest Big Lebowski figures. I strongly urge you to, because when you see the newest characters that are coming from 'The Big Lebowski' in '09, you're gonna want the whole set.

Thanks again WIZARD, we're honored to be in the hippest mag on the stands!
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