Thursday, December 06, 2012

Battlestar Galactica Shot Glasses! Reveal Day 16

Toast to a happy holidays and new year with these all-new Cylon shot glasses! Pre-order your own  today!

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Doctor Who Li H'Sen Chang and Mr. Sin! Reveal Day 15

The highly anticipated next series of Mego Style EMCE 8-inch action figure from our Doctor Who line are now available for pre-order!  Place your order today for  today!

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Have a Pint of TARDIS! Reveal Day 14

We're in the process of releasing a full line of all-new Doctor Who glassware.  Today we are featuring an etched look TARDIS in a 16 ounce pint format.    Drink up Time Lords!

Monday, December 03, 2012

Big Reveals for Day 11, 12 and 13!

We've got 3 days of reveals to talk about today - so let's get right to them!  First up, the highly anticipated next series of Mego Style EMCE 8-inch action figure from !  

Next up?  Thirsty for some Cylons?  We are adding to our glassware offerings with these featuring our newly designed Cylon Centurion artwork. Order your  today!
Continuing the fun, check out more glassware from Doctor Who!  Today we showcase more of our etched style of glassware in our 2 ounce size.    Cheers!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bif Bang Pow! to Produce Star Trek™ Art Program Collectibles

LOS ANGELES, CA (November 29, 2012) - Bif Bang Pow!, under a license from CBS Consumer Products, will produce tins, drinkware and other items derived from the Star Trek: The Original Series Art Program.

The program includes inspiration from Star Trek: The Original Series with 80 movie-style pieces of art eclipsing every episode of the initial Star Trek television series, including the first pilot.

Starting today, fans can pre-order the first 16 pieces of art beautifully displayed on high-quality shot glasses. Each month a new set of four additional pieces of art will be available to order.

"For close to 50 years, the characters of the Star Trek universe have taken us where no one has gone before, and now Bif Bang Pow! will be transporting all-new collectibles into homes and offices all over the world," said Jason Lenzi, CEO of Bif Bang Pow! "We couldn't be more excited for fans to seek out what we have planned for the final frontier. Look for additional Star Trek news from us in the months leading up to Toy Fair 2013."

Star Trek: The Original Series Art Program merchandise is available to order at  and other fine specialty retailers.  

™ & © 2012 CBS Studios Inc. STAR TREK and related marks are trademarks of CBS Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved

About Bif Bang Pow!
Bif Bang Pow!™ () produces first-rate collectibles for such popular properties as Star Trek™, Doctor Who™, Dexter®, The Six Million Dollar Man™, Battlestar Galactica™, Californication™, The Venture Bros.™, NCIS™, Eastbound & Down®, and The Twilight Zone™. Founder Jason Lenzi is a seasoned television producer and the ultimate fan of cultish pop culture. So when he created his company in 2005, he took the fan's perspective. His idea was to bring items to the marketplace that he himself would want to own. Cultivated from TV, movies, books, comics, music, and more, Bif Bang Pow!'s mission is to provide high-quality action figures, toys, and collectibles to the massive cult audience (and kids of all ages) that wishes these toys were already in their collection.

About CBS Consumer Products
CBS Consumer Products manages worldwide licensing and merchandising for a diverse slate of television brands and series from CBS, CBS Television Studios and CBS Television Distribution, as well as from the company's extensive library of titles, Showtime and CBS Films. Additionally, the group oversees online sales of programming merchandise.  For more information, visit 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Flying Frak! New Viper Monitor Mate™ Cyber Week Reveal Day 10

You know you've always wanted one of these Colonial fighter spacecraft for your very own. Well, . Land this Viper Bobble Head on your computer monitor! Based on the Battlestar Galactica sci-fi TV series, the 4 1/2-inch scale miniature bobbler is made of PVC plastic and attaches to the surface with a non-damaging adhesive pad. Your dream has come true!  Pre-order your very own  today!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Six Million Dollar Pint! Cyber Week Reveal Day 9

Enjoy a pint with Steve Austin and friends with these all-new 16 ounce .  And it's a great deal too -  Happy Cyber Week!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Even Daleks Can Bobble! Cyber Week Reveal Day 8

Catch our all-new Dalek - miniaturized down to our Monitor Mate™bobble heads size!  Wouldn't this look cool sitting on your computer monitor? Right out of the Doctor Who TV series, this 4 1/2-inch scale miniature bobbler captures one of the Doctor's most dangerous enemies and shrinks him down to a manageable size.  Made of PVC plastic, the features a non-damaging adhesive pad that sticks nicely to your monitor... so he can't get loose.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Stay warm for the holidays with new exclusives IN STOCK! Black Friday Reveal Day 8

Happy Thanksgiving!  We are proud to announce seven new items today - all are exclusive to , and all are IN STOCK and ready to ship.  So why not warm your insides this holiday season with these great new travel mugs for your hot drinks?  Choose from all-new , , , and for the very first time, drinkware from

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Lucifer and Athena join the ranks! Black Friday Reveal Day 7

You asked for more, so here are more!  Announcing more all-new classic Battlestar Galactica EMCE "Mego" style figures  !  We will not stop until our collection is completed!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Thirsty for more Six Million Dollar Man? Black Friday Reveal Day 6

... then drink to these featuring Steve Austin, the 70s bionic icon. We can rebuild him as long as we are hydrated...  Pre-order today!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Just in the Nick of Time - Mini Mystic Seer! Black Friday Reveal Day 5

We started out at a , , , and now we are back to .   That's right - if you're a fan of William Shatner in one of the most iconic episodes from The Twilight Zone, you'll love our all-new, shipping early next year.  Stick it to your monitor and add this to our growing collection of popular new ™.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Doctor Who Glassware - Etched! Black Friday Month Reveal Day 4

Bif Bang Pow! is proud to have the master license to produce .  Today we are announcing another item from our upcoming line - the very elegant .  This set comes with two of the same glasses.  

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Seven Million Dollar Man and Astronaut Steve Austin! Black Friday Month Reveal Day 3

Bif Bang Pow! is thrilled to announce more 8-inch scale "Mego" style EMCE figures.  Today we are revealing new upcoming characters from our popular The Six Million Dollar Man line of collectibles.  Pre-order the all new Steve Austin in his astronaut outfit, along with Barney Hiller, also known as .    Release is scheduled for mid-2013.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

New Cylon Monitor Mate! Black Friday Month Reveal Day 2

Continuing our reveal schedule as we announce one new product each business day until December 6, 2012, today we are accepting pre-orders on a new addition to our popular Monitor Mate™ scale line of miniature bobble heads.  Add to your BSG collection with our new !

Monday, November 12, 2012

Black Friday Starts Now? New BBP items everyday!

Visit  every business day starting TODAY through December 6th to be the first to pre-order newly announced 2013 items from Bif Bang Pow!, including action figures, bobble heads, drink ware, and more! Today's item is the !

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

New Arrival - The Twilight Zone License Plate Frames!

How do you get to The Twilight Zone?  You can be a leader and show everyone how to get there with these all-new The Twilight Zone license plate frames, now shipping.  Choose from and . Order today from  and other fine specialty retailers.

Friday, November 02, 2012

November 2012 Releases from Bif Bang Pow!

Bif Bang Pow! kicks off the holiday season by announcing 23 incredible new items available for pre-order right now!

16.            l

Also look for even more product announcements and special Entertainment Earth Black Friday Exclusives, made by Bif Bang Pow! to be announced starting November 12.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

September 2012 Releases from Bif Bang Pow!

September 2012
With a nod to the past and an eye on the future, Bif Bang Pow! announces a ton of brand new releases from its Battlestar Galactica™, Doctor Who™, and The Twilight Zone™ product lines. The latest mind-bending batch of goodies includes action figures, bobble heads, tin totes, journals, mugs, coasters, and extra-special Signature Editions coming from across the galaxy and spanning time itself.  Make room now, because you'll need a TARDIS to hold all the cool stuff coming your way!

All items are available to order at ®.Prices exclude shipping and sales tax, and are subject to change. 

Battlestar Galactica
8-Inch Action Figures and Coasters

Battlestar Galactica enthusiasts will be thrilled with Bif Bang Pow!'s Signature Edition  and  8-inch EMCE action figures, signed by the show's Dirk Benedict and Richard Hatch, respectively ($34.99 each). Each is a limited edition of just 200 pieces.

BSG buffs can also add a troop-building cadre of six Cylon warriors (two each of three versions) to their beck and call with the  ($99.99) or opt for an attention-grabbing , each in the shape of the cybernetic soldier's head ($8.99).     

Doctor Who
Journals, Mugs, and Coasters

Doctor Who lovers won't have to travel through time and space to quench their desire for the Time Lord's favorite merchandise as Bif Bang Pow! announces three different hardbound journals, each with 160 pages and measuring 8 to 10-inches tall x 5-inches wide. Log your own incredible adventures in the  or the  that features artwork of the famed time machine ($9.99 each), or open the doors of the unbelievable  to reveal its interior walls and record your innermost thoughts ($14.99).

A blue TARDIS 16-Ounce  ($8.99) and 4-pack of  ($8.99) - both in the image of the TARDIS - round out the new arrivals from Gallifrey.  

The Twilight Zone
Kanamit's Cookbook Gift Set and Bobble Head
Admirers of Rod Serling's The Twilight Zone should prepare to enter another dimension with these new one-of-a-kind Signature Edition collectibles based on the iconic sci-fi TV series. Bif Bang Pow!'s San Diego  ($49.99) and 7-inch scale black-and-white  ($29.99) are both autographed by the Kanamit himself, Richard Kiel! The former is a limited edition of just 130 pieces that features a 9-inch wide Kanamit-themed tin lunch box; a 160-page Kanamit Cookbook Journal; and an all-new articulated, 8-inch scale, fabric-clad Kanamit EMCE action figure. The bobble is limited to only 145 pieces.

Thank you for your business,

Jason Lenzi

Bif Bang Pow!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Twilight Zone 8-inch EMCE Action Figure Update

We are disappointed to have to cancel certain upcoming 8-inch EMCE action figures from our The Twilight Zone product line. Specifically, we are canceling today.  The reason we cancelled these was not due to a lack of interest or sales.

In this situation, our license does not cover certain likeness rights.  CBS Consumer Products and Bif Bang Pow! have been working together for nearly a year to bring these and other characters to the action figure format, but unfortunately we are unable to do so, and are now restricted to certain creatures and monsters going forward.

Some of you were probably wondering why we were releasing less known characters recently (ie Cyclops, Alien, etc.) - and this was the reason!

Here is a list of upcoming characters we were planning in the near future, but unfortunately these have now been cancelled:

  1. Rod Serling 
  2. Anthony Freemont (Bill Mumy) from It's a Good Life
  3. Maya the Cat Girl from Perchance to Dream
  4. Santa Claus (Art Carney) from The Night of the Meek
  5. Clown, Ballerina, Major, Tramp and Bagpiper from Five Characters in Search of an Exit.  Originally scheduled for a deluxe Comic-Con exclusive set.
  6. Battling Maxo from Steel
  7. Marsh White (Mannequin) from The After Hours
  8. Robot from Uncle Simon

If in the future these likeness rights become available, we will look forward to bringing these to market.  Many other fantastic items are still available and are in the works,  Thanks again for your support and business.

Sunday, July 08, 2012

A TARDIS for Everyone! BBP Doctor Who Exclusives Booth #2343: Part 6 of 6

It wouldn’t be Comic-Con without Doctor Who.  And Bif Bang Pow! is materializing all-new items!  If you are a collector or casual fan, we’ve got something that’s just right for you at the Entertainment Earth, booth #2343.

For traditional bobble head collectors, our Doctor Who line continues with debuts of four different styles - an  with sound, , a and .   New to the bobble head category is a mini-bobble head we are calling a Monitor Mate™.  This fun plastic  sticks to the top of your computer monitor with a small adhesive pad.

Thirsty?  Why not have a cold refreshment in our , or take your meal anywhere with our that features an embossed tin tote and includes a 16oz TARDIS travel mug and a set of four Doctor Who coasters.

One more thing! Unlike last year, we have confirmed that all items have arrived and will be available for sale starting Wednesday evening at Preview Night.  See you at Comic-Con!

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Go Team Venture! Jackson Publick, Doc Hammer and James Urbaniak are coming to Comic-Con! BBP Exclusives Booth #2343: Part 5

Join show creators and voice actors Jackson Publick, Doc Hammer and James Urbaniak as they launch our all-new line of 3 ¾ inch The Venture Bros. action figures at the Entertainment Earth booth #2343.

Grab the very first action figure of the line - a Comic-Con exclusive , limited to just 1500 pieces, and the regular

Come to our booth to also see prototypes of new characters in our continuing 8-inch EMCE action figure line of The Venture Bros., including Sgt. Hatred, The Alchemist, Pete White, and Jefferson Twilight.

APPEARANCE TIME:  Sunday, July 15, 11am-Noon

Please visit and our booth for exact signing dates and times.  Celebrity appearances are subject to change and/or cancellation without notice.

See you next week and have a fantastic Fourth of July!

Monday, July 02, 2012

Fracking amazing! Apollo and Starbuck are coming to Comic-Con! BBP Exclusives Booth #2343: Part 4

Actors Richard Hatch (Captain Apollo) and Dirk Benedict (Lieutenant Starbuck) will be reunited at the Entertainment Earth booth #2343 to officially launch our fantastic new line of Battlestar Galactica merchandise, kicking off a 35th year anniversary celebration!   For the first time ever, 8-inch EMCE “Mego” style action figures will be available for this classic series.  Now Cylons battle join your D.C., Venture Bros., Twilight Zone, Star Trek, and other EMCE action figures!

Available for the first time ever at booth #2343 at Comic-Con:
, action figures.  Also available is a very cool (Limited to 1500 pieces) that includes an embossed Battlestar Galactica Tin-Tote with two more Cylon ation figures inside – a battle damaged Cylon as well as a Gold Commander.  Start building your troops today!

APPEARANCE TIME:  Friday, July 13, 2pm-3:30pm

Please visit and our booth for exact signing dates and times.  Celebrity appearances are subject to change and/or cancellation without notice.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Six Million Dollar Treat! Oscar Goldman is coming to Comic-Con! BBP Exclusives Booth #2343: Part 3

Richard Anderson, who portrayed Oscar Goldman in The Six Million Dollar Man, gives us his greatest assignment of all as he launches our Bif Bang Pow! line of The Six Million Dollar Man merchanidse at Comic-Con!  Mr. Anderson kicks off a legend studded string of appearances on Thursday, July 12, 2012 as he signs our - otherwise known as a lunchbox.  This all-new tin tote also includes The Three Faces of Dr. Rudy Wells 8-inch EMCE action figure - an action figure of Dr. Rudy Wells that includes three separate heads - representing the three actors who portrayed him - Martin Balsam, Martin Brooks, and Alan Oppenheimer!

Also debuting at Comic-Con is the , portrayed by the late André Roussimof giant. Bigfoot includes a special bonus - an exclusive electronic keychain featuring some of his fearsome bionic sounds!

APPEARANCE TIME:  Thursday, July 11, 10:30am-2:30pm

Please visit and our booth for exact signing dates and times.  Celebrity appearances are subject to change and/or cancellation without notice.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Kanamit is coming to Comic-Con 2012! BBP Exclusives Booth #2343: Part 2

Bif Bang Pow! and Entertainment Earth welcomes world-renowed actor Richard Kiel to his inaugural visit at Comic-Con!  Mr. Kiel portrayed the infamous alien Kanamit in one of the most popular The Twilight Zone episodes of all time - "To Serve Man".  Mr. Kiel later went on to play Jaws, arguably the most popular villain from the James Bond 007 films.  Mr. Kiel will be signing and introducing all-new The Twilight Zone exclusives from Bif Bang Pow!  including that includes a Kanamit Cookbook journal, and a new Kanamit EMCE 8-inch action figure inside a Kanamit themed tin-tote.
Also new is featuring a memorable scene from famous The Twilight Zone episode.  The resin statue features a diminutive Invader, U.S. Air Force Space Probe No. 1, and a rooftop scene complete with fearsome giant.  This first diorama in this new series is an SDCC Exclusive, limited to 750 pieces.

, this time in bobble head form!  Burgess Meredith's memorable role from the 1959 episode "Time Enough at Last" focuses on a nearsighted bank clerk who found himself in a post-apocalyptic world following a nuclear attack. Henry returns now as a wonderfully detailed 7-inch scale black-and-white resin bobble head that measures about 6 3/8-inches tall, including the base. Complete with cracked eyeglasses, he's seated among stacks of his beloved books!

Last year at Comic-Con exclusive sold out quickly.  We went back to the drawing board and updated this very popular piece with more accurate icons from the opening sequence of The Twilight Zone.  They include a clock with bell, a cracked window with trees in the background, E=MC2, a doll with hair, and that unforgettable eyeball. The clock, the window, and E=MC2 all bobble! If you acquired the first one, and especially if you missed out on it, don't miss this version -

Please visit sdcc.entertainmentearth.com and our booth for exact signing dates and times, subject to change or cancellation without notice.
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