Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Update from Toy Fair

Hey, Bif Bang Pow! got some great news at Toy Fair 2014! A few of our figures are Finalists for the Space.com Space Age Award!  Check out these products!

Here are the characters from in classic uniforms. These have been nominated in the category of Best Retro Future! 

Here is , Colonel Steve Austin, in his astronaut uniform. This is a Finalist in the  Best Scifi on Earth category. This is !

Pictures of the 3 3/4-inch Big Bang Theory Figures at Toy Fair!

Toy Fair 2014 is in full swing and we've been having a great time here. We have a display of our upcoming products. Our The Big Bang Theory 3¾-inch action figures are getting a lot of buzz. Check out some of the images from the show for these upcoming figures!  

Here's Sheldon, chilling out in his living room, probably just about to sit down in His Spot. Yes, that set comes with each figure.

Here are all of The Big Bang Theory Minimates hanging out together.

Here are all seven of the main characters from the show, in 3¾-inch form, in one shot! Poor Rajesh is hidden behind Leonard, but you can see three Sheldons: one in a Flash t-shirt, one in a Superman shirt, and one in a Batman shirt.

Monday, February 17, 2014

New SNL Products from Your Favorite Episodes!

We're really happy to announce that we are expanding our line of products!  Here are the items being unveiled at Toy Fair:

SNL Seth Meyers Weekend Update Bobble Head  

Check out the bobble head of Seth Meyers as Weekend Update Anchor! Featuring a fun likeness, the 7-inch scale resin bobble head spotlights Seth in a suit with a white shirt and red tie, behind the iconic wood-grain desk. It even looks like he's sitting in his black chair at the SNL set-inspired desk when viewed from the back! 

The Ambiguously Gay Duo Monitor Mate and Action Figures

And we're bursting with pride in our line of the Ambiguously Gay Duo, those fearless crime fighters voiced by Stephen Colbert and Steve Carell! There's a bobble  head of Ace and Gary, heroically riding to an emergency, perhaps to battle Bighead, their arch nemesis.

Saturday Night Live The Continental Robe 

Are you a suave ladies' man? If you are, or want to be, then you need The Continental's Jacket. As played by Christopher Walken in many skits, The Continental always knows the right things to say and do to win the affection of sophisticated, beautiful ladies.

Saturday Night Live Five-Timers Club Robe
Are you a member of the Five-Timers Club?  If not, you better get cracking!  Guests that have hosted Saturday Night Live five or more times become members of the exclusive Five-Timers Club.  That might not include you - at least not yet - but you can certainly play the part in this fancy-schmancy Saturday Night Live Five-Timers Club Jacket from Bif Bang Pow!. The short robe, or perhaps "lounging jacket," is finely crafted of black satin and black velveteen, with a printed metallic gold Five-Timers Club emblem on the chest.  

Schweddy Balls

'Tis the Season and what better way to decorate but with Schweddy Balls! These gorgeous, "delicious" and beautiful Schweddy Balls are actually PVC ornaments brought to you by Bif Bang Pow!  Hang them on a tree, wreath or anywhere you want!  Each set of 2 Schweddy Balls is packaged in an open window gift style box.  Share your 2.5-inch diameter Schweddy Balls with all your family and friends! 

Saturday Night Live Cowbell Travel Mug 

That's what we need - more cowbell!  And coffee!  Will Ferrell's sidesplitting Gene Frenkle character lives on in Bif Bang Pow!'s Saturday Night Live Cowbell Travel Mug.  Based on one of the greatest SNL sketches ever, he'll keep you in stitches every time you take a sip!  Sporting a plastic exterior with a stainless steel interior, the travel mug measures about 7-inches tall and hold 16 ounces.  The retro 1970s style 4-color artwork against a black background shows Gene Frenkle with a cowbell in one hand and a drumstick in the other on the front, with a larger image of the two instruments on the back.

Dick in a Box

Based on the super-popular Saturday Night Live sketch "Dick in a Box", we have a plethora of products to delight anyone who wants to get someone special "something real". You can choose from:

  • a set of ceramic salt and pepper shakers (each with a hole in the side to fill with something salty or peppery
  • a set of wearable gift boxes... complete with a belt loop so your box will stay in place no matter what you do
  • a Dick in a Box Tin Tote, for carrying around all of your valuables, even the family jewels!

New Big Bang Theory Figures! 3 3/4-inch & Minimates

We've got some incredibly exciting news at Bif Bang Pow! This week is Toy Fair in New York City! Come by and visit us at Booth #4941. We're unveiling a huge number of new products that we're really excited about! These include items from , , , , , , , and , plus we've gotten more top secret new licenses which will be debuting there!

Below is a preview of our Big Bang Theory items! We've got 3 ¾-inch figures off all of the main cast! This is in addition to the that are currently on sale on our website!

We also have Minimates of all of the main cast, with no detail overlooked, from Wolowitz's belt buckle to Sheldon's haircut!

We currently have two umbrellas in the works. One has a red Light-Up handle, perfect for dueling, and the other folds up to micro size, just perfect for Bernadette!

The Big Bang Theory 3 3/4-Inch Action Figures Series 1 

The Big Bang Theory Sheldon 3 3/4-Inch Figures

The Big Bang Theory Minimates Series 1 and 2

Big Bang Theory Bazinga Umbrella with Red Light-Up Handle

The Big Bang Theory Bazinga Tri-Fold Umbrella     

New Venture Bros. and Adventure Time Products!

We have some great new offerings from . and  being displayed at Toy Fair!

There's a great  new action figure, 3 ¾-inch scale, with Brock in his white shirt, soiled, as all action hero shirts should be!  The OSI agent/babysitter is ready for anything you throw at him, and with his 1980s style military cardback packaging, he's a figure you don't want to miss!

Venture Bros. Brock in White Shirt 3 3/4-Inch Action Figure 

Venture Bros. Character Shot Glasses - Set of 6   

If you just can't get enough of The Venture Bros., this Venture Bros. Color-Changing Shot Glasses - Set of 6 is for you.  Go, Team Venture! This outstanding set of six 2-ounce shot glasses brings The Venture Bros. home for keeps.  Each features the image of a different character from the show, and they all change color when a cold liquid is poured into them!  In addition to Hank and Dean, there are Dr. Venture, The Monarch, Dr. Mrs. The Monarch, and Brock Samson, along with the series logo on each glass.

Adventure Time Finn and Jake Journal  

What time is it?  It's time to return to the Land of Ooo and the TV series Adventure Time to create your own exploits with Finn and Jake.  And then record them all in !  Featuring Finn and his ever-changing best friend Jake the dog on the cover and spine, and a typical Adventure Time scene on the back, this 8-inch tall x 5-inch wide hardbound book contains 320 lined white pages, plenty of room for every exciting moment. 

New Dexter and The Twilight Zone

Harry Morgan Bobble Head from Dexter

Dexter's dearly departed dad, Detective Harry Morgan, is back, in bobble head form, ready to nod approval to all of desires. The bobble head from the popular Showtime TV series stands about 7-inches tall, with his name on the base, and bears an uncanny resemblance to the actor who played him, James Remar. Joining  him in bobble head form is his longtime friend, Deputy Chief of Miami Metro Thomas Matthews, played by Geoff Pierson. Matthews acted sometimes as a friend, sometimes as an antagonist, to Dexter and his sister, .

Deputy Chief Thomas Matthews from Dexter

Gremlin Monitor Mate Bobble Head from The Twilight Zone

You may not believe this, but there's a gremlin ready to sit on your computer monitor! Bif Bang Pow! presents The Gremlin from the terrifying "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet" episode of  This ultra-creepy miniature bobble head is authentically designed and exactly painted in a glorious black-and-white motif, measures about 4-inches tall, and comes complete with a head that turns, the better to terrify airplane passengers on the other side of the window! Inspired by one of the most memorable scenes from the show, the remarkable resin bobbler attaches to your monitor via a non-damaging adhesive pad. You'll be having nightmares yourself if you let this maker of mischief get away from you!

Invader Monitor Mate Bobble Head 

Interesting... he's just about the same size as he appeared in the show! This miniature bobble head comes from the memorable "The Invaders" episode of The Twilight Zone that starred Agnes Moorhead. It presents the Invader, a "tiny being from the tiny place called Earth," in resin at 4 1/2-inch scale and features a non-damaging adhesive pad that sticks him to your computer monitor. Won't you take him home? 

NEW Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica Vehicles!

Premiering at Toy Fair are several great vehicles from and !

Star Trek: First Contact Borg Sphere Monitor 

Imagine this awesome alongside the , maintaining vigil over your desk, threatening all with assimilation! It measures about 2-inches in diameter, stands approximately 3-inches tall including its base, and adheres to your computer monitor with a non-damaging adhesive pad. The finely detailed mini bobble head presents a patchwork of tubes and conduits on all sides in black, silver, and green, and is made of resin. The base features the Star Trek: First Contact logo. Collect your own piece of the Collective!

The Battlestar Galactica Globe stands 6-inches tall with a sphere that measures almost 5-inches in diameter. Inside, frozen in time, are a Cylon Raider and a Colonial Viper, in the midst of battle! The base is designed to look like part of a cylon head, and even voices the sounds of a cylon on the attack! A great commemoration of this groundbreaking show, and so say we all!

Battlestar Galactica Cylon Viper Battle Globe      

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