Friday, March 18, 2016

Going, Going, Gone Sale: Save 40% on Celebrated Collectibles

There's more time to save! Now extended, visit to save 40% on Bif Bang Pow! collectibles that celebrate some of the most beloved characters from Saturday Night Live, Adventure Time, and Regular Show in our Going, Going, Gone Sale, running now through Thursday, March 31, 2016.

And while we have lots of amazing cute and comedic collectibles currently on sale, here are 5 featured products we might want to snag before they are gone for good!

These two best friends stole our hearts through laughter as our weekly news anchors on Saturday Night Live "Weekend Update". Now, you can enjoy this loveable duo in a SNL-inspired set that features a fold out diorama of the celebrated "Weekend Update" news desk… while supplies last, of course!

Chris Farley's iconic Matt Foley character will motivate you and other drivers on the road with this never-before-made license plate frame that reads "My Other Car Is A Van Down By The River", inspired from the No. 1 Saturday Night Live sketch of all time! Hurry to score yours today.

What time is it? Alternate universe time! This is a must-have collectible for Adventure Time fans celebrates the gender-swapped version of Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum, Ice King, and Lumpy Space Princess. But, you'll need to act quick as The Adventure Time Finn and Jake Nesting Dolls Set of 5 is already sold out, and this complementary set could go fast!

The Finn Driving Sunshade might not help if zombie Candy People attack your vehicle, but it may help protect the interior of your car by blocking out damaging UV rays while keeping your vehicle cooler at the same time. It's starting to get warmer outside, so now's the get prepared for those hot summer months - while having the "coolest" car in the parking lot.

OOOOOOOH! Tired of working? Need a break? What better way to chill out and shake off the life's woes than with an awesome tin tote. Dealing with life's mundane tasks can be exhausting, but one thing is for sure… Haters Gonna Hate. So don't wait to pick up yours now.

Monday, March 07, 2016

Rock & Roll All Nite with KISS Collector’s Set from Bif Bang Pow!

Collectors can now "pull the trigger" on owning one of the most popular rock bands of all time with the from Bif Bang Pow!, in stock now at .

Each exceptionally detailed figure was prototyped by Gentle Giant Studios to capture every costume and likeness detail. Each figure features 11 points of articulation and comes in their own individual full-color diorama packaging that folds out from the back to form half of a KISS stage display piece! The Demon and Starchild's packaging combine to form one of the band's iconic stages, while the Spaceman and Catman's diorama packaging forms the other.

This incredible set features each KISS band member in character-specific clothing from the Love Gun album, along with his own signature instrument accessory. Each figure also includes character-specific temporary tattoos and a unique paper-craft drum set piece. The four paper-craft pieces join to form a full KISS drum set!

Shop all the from Bif Bang Pow! at Entertainment Earth.

Thursday, March 03, 2016

Explore the Final Frontier with Star Trek: The Original Series Pin Mate™ Collection

The new line of Pin Mate™ miniature wooden figures from Bif Bang Pow! expands with iconic characters from Star Trek: The Original Series, now available for pre-order from .

Explore the final frontier with seven Star Trek characters that began it all, reimagined as highly collectible, one-of-a-kind miniature wooden figures. Measuring about 2-inches tall, each wooden figure is individually numbered within its series and features 360-degree artwork that is hand-painted and includes some decal elements. Each figure is numbered on the bottom as well as on the packaging: is number 1, is number 2, is number 3, is number 4, is number 5, is number 6, and is number 7.

Arriving in summer 2016, these Star Trek: The Original Series figures will ship in time to celebrate 50 years of boldly going where no one has gone before. So what are you waiting for? Pre-order now and be among the first to beam these must-haves into your collection!

Add these and other great from Bif Bang Pow! to your collection today!

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Bif Bang Pow! Makes News with Stellar Presence at Toy Fair 2016

With thousands of industry insiders flocking to the Javits Center in New York City for the 113th North American International Toy Fair during February, news about Bif Bang Pow! products and new licenses were bound to spread.

From industry buyers to our press and media friends, one recurring theme kept appearing as the show days passed... 2016 is going to be a standout year for Bif Bang Pow!.

But don't take our word for it! (We can be a bit biased.) Check out what others are saying.

Bill Sencio () noted within his review:
"…this is one of the most impressively diverse catalogs of anyone at Toy Fair."

Matt Guzy () commented in his review:
"… there are some awesome products in the pipeline that I can’t wait to share!"

Travis Denman () started off his article with:
"This is a big year for Bif Bang Pow!..."

Jim Bessman () noticed our retro-style, wooden collectibles in his article entitled, "

As you can see, there's lots of excitement about our new 2016 line. And, this is just a snippet of what hit the news waves!

We want to thank everyone who came through the Bif Bang Pow! booth during 2016. We are thrilled with the initial reception at Toy Fair last month, and we can't wait to unveil our newest products to you throughout the year.

The best part… you don't have to wait to get your hands on some of the products mentioned in these articles! Check out our complete line of available collectibles today at .

We also have a running via to celebrate the recent 200th episode of The Big Bang Theory. Enter now through March 6, for your chance to win your own set of our .

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